Best Android Emulator For Windows 10/8/7 And Mac PC – Use Any Android Apps For PC

Android Emulator for Windows 10, Laptop, Windows 7 And PC, Mac is a real need for Android users. usually, Android developers need emulators to test the app before launch it on Google Play Store. There are many Android Emulators in the market, especially for android games users. But you need to know price, features, speed, and how to install them on Windows PC. There is another reason if you want to play android games with a mouse and keyboard android emulators help you at best. Using Android Emulator on Windows is very easy, you just need to download the favorite android app from Play Store and keep using it on PC. But installing and configuration is not an easy setup. Even some emulator require technical ability to be installed on Windows. Here we bring some best Android Emulators for windows 10/8/7 PC, Mac Laptop.

Bluestacks Android Emulator for WindowsBluestacks Android Emulator for windows

In my list, BlueStacks is on number one. It’s a most popular android emulator which let users download their favorite Android apps and games on PC Windows and Mac Laptop. This emulator is very easy to use. With a few clicks, you are able to use BlueStacks emulator on PC Windows and Mac. You can see here How to Install BlueStacks emulator on PC Windows and Mac? Checkout out main features of BlueStacks.


  • Its allow you to download 1.5 million Android games and 500,00+HTML5/Flash games.
  • You can play android games on PC Windows and Mac Laptop with the help of BlueStacks.
  • It is a simple emulator and easy to use.
  • BlueStacks is free for all devices.

2) Andy Android Emulator For Windows:Andy android emulator for windows

Andy is also one of the best android emulators. This emulator allows you to download all android apps and games in an easy way on PC Windows and Mac. Its allow the user to play most popular android games on PC Windows and Mac. Andy is a very simple emulator and easy to install on all devices. Download Android Android Emulator for Windows from here.


  • You can play your all favorite games direct from PC Windows and Mac. And allow you to use your phone as a remote control while you are playing the game.
  • Its allow you to run all your favorite communication apps direct from your desktop.
  • Free for all devices.
  • Minimum compatibility issue with low performance.
  • This emulator is based on the Oracle virtual box.

3) Nox App Player Android Emulator for Windows:nox app players android emulator for windows

In my list, Nox is a 3rd best android emulator for PC Windows and Mac. It is best app player for game lovers because Nox App Player give you a powerful boost to your games. This app player is faster and more stable than another android emulator. It provides you better hardware performance and easy to control. Download Nox App Player from here.

  • This app is simple and easy to use.
  • It’s support for multiple control devices.
  • intuitive keyboard mapping.
  • Nox app player allows you to play Gps related games like Pokemon etc.
  • It’s a reliable platform for all devices.
  • Nox App player is based on Android 4.2.2 .

4) Memu Android Emulator For Windows:

Memu is another fastest android emulator which let the user play android games on PC Windows and Mac. This android emulator provides you the best experience and supports various system configuration. It’s the fastest best android emulator for PC and Mac. Memu android emulator supports all android versions.

  • Memu support bunch of new graphic-focused games like War Dragon etc.
  • Support all android version.
  • Let you play a game with mouse, keyboard and if you don’t know how to control or configured then you can use Xbox 360 control as well.
  • Free android emulator for all devices.
  • Simple and easy to integrate.

5) Remix OS Player – Android emulator for Windows:

It’s a most advanced android emulator which let the user stream their favorite Android games on PC Windows and

Mac. It’s gaming toolkit give you everything which you need to play your favorite Android games on PC and Mac. This is most up to date emulator and is based on android Marshmallow. This emulator will provide you with great experience on your desktop. It is very easy to use with one click you’re able to use it. Download Remix OS Player from here.

  • This emulator is free for all devices.
  • User-friendly interface and best for game lovers.
  • Unprecedented performance.
  • Its offer the most immersive android games experience on PC and Mac.
  • You can play multi games like a boss.

6) KoPlayer Android Emulator For Windows:

KoPlayer is the first choice of game lovers. This android emulator is specially designed for video games. So it easily koplayer android emulator for windowsintuitively configures your control. You can easily configure your keyboard, mouse, and gamepad as well. You can play the most popular games with your mouse and Asphalt. KoPlayer also allows you to record gameplay and upload it wherever you want. You can use this android emulator for a variety of things. I must say its a good android emulator for installing android apps and games on PC Windows and Mac Laptop.

  • Best android emulator for playing android video games on PC Windows and Mac Laptop.
  • Keyboard mapping available which emulate a controller with your keyboard.
  • Its allow you to make the virtual android screen smaller or bigger at any movement.
  • KoPlayer let you play the game on your PC with amazing video quality and audio.

7) YouWave Android Emulator For Windows:

Youwave is another good emulator for installing android apps and games on PC. This is easy to install and configuration is also easy like other android emulators. This emulator is good for installing random android apps. YouWave doesn’t have enough game features. So it is not the best option for game lovers. Download YouWave from here.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • It’s free and paid version is available.
  • This emulator support windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista Mac and OS.
  • Best emulator for install random android apps on PC and Mac.

8)WindRoy Android Emulator for Windows:

It’s a free android emulator for all devices. This android emulator allows users to open all android apps including 3D. WindRoy android emulator helps the user to enjoy android games on PC and Mac. This emulator support high performance and speed. Overall its a best app to install random apps and games.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Best android emulator for random apps.
  • Easy to configure.
  • This android emulator is totally free.

9) Droid4X android emulator for Windows:

Droid4X is an ideal android emulator for PC Windows and Mac. This emulator is full of cool features. You can use it for anything from video games to android apps. Droid4X is based on Android 4.2.2. It allows the user to record video files of the emulator screen. Droid4X is an amazing android emulator which let the user enjoy thousand of android apps and games on their devices.

  • Support Windows and Mac.
  • Fast android emulator which help to play games on PC and Mac.
  • It’s available free for all devices.
  • Allow you to install android apps and games free of cost.
  • Customizing controls.

10) GenyMotion android emulator for windows:

GenyMotion is the last android emulator in our list. This emulator is mostly used by developers. It’s let the developer test their apps on different devices without owning them. Its high range of compatibility makes it more valuable for the developer. This android emulator provides its services free for everyone. You can use it without any configuration.

  • It is available free and paid.
  • Specially designed for a developer.
  • It allows you to download personal version on trial period by sign up on GenyMotion.
  • It easily manages your device.
  • Fast and reliable android emulator.